The American Voyager Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of a minimum of five members. Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services.

Mike and Robin

Mike McGee
(Chairman and Treasurer)
(Safety/Rider Education Directors)



Mike McGee became Chairman of the AVA in 2013. He is a retired traffic homicide investigator and a police motorcycle instructor. He rode police motors 8-10 hrs. a day for about 15 years. In 2001, Mike bought a Voyager XII and has been part of the AVA ever since. In 2005 Mike joined the board as the "Safety & Education" Director. He has been writing safety articles for the Voyager's Voice ever since.

Don and Trisha

Don Medina and Trisha Blue
(Marketing Directors)
(Magazine Editors)



Don Medina started riding in 1973 on an RD 350 Yamaha. After working his way up in size, he bought a new Voyager XII in 2002. After putting more than 175,000 miles on the XII, Don passed the bike to his son and bought a new 2012 Voyager 1700. Don joined the AVA Board in 2012 as Marketing Director. In 2013 he added the duties of co-editor of the Voyager's Voice. Don is also President of the NorCal Voyagers Club, an AVA affiliate chapter. After meeting her husband Don, Trisha Blue rode as his passenger for about a year and a half. She then bought her first motorcycle, a Honda 250 Rebel. She moved up through a couple of larger bikes and now rides a Honda 1800 Goldwing Trike. On the trip out to the 2013 rally in Logan, OH, she turned over 100,000 miles on the Wing and was inducted into the "100,000 Mile Club" at the rally. Trisha became a board member in 2012 and has served as Secretary since.



Ken & Tina Knight
(Merchandise Directors)



Ken and Tina have been married for 22 years. Ken started riding on a Yamaha 80 in 1971 at 6 years old. His first street bike was a Honda CB900 Custom. He put over 150,000 on that while in the Marine Corps Band. Ken bought an '86 Voyager new and rode it a few years. Tina moved from Germany to the US and ran a gift shop for the 2nd Armored Division Association at Fort Hood, TX. They met and Ken took Tina on her first motorcycle trip thru Western Canada and Washington State. After the kids were a little closer to graduation they started shopping for another Voyager XII. They joined the AVA forum before purchasing another XII and joined the AVA not long after picking up the bike. Their first Rally was Logan, Ohio in 2013 and they joined the Board in 2014 as Merchandise Directors.

Bronson and Judy

Bronson and Judy Barth
(Chapter Development & Membership Recruitment Directors)



Bronson & Judy have been married 47 years. They have three children, four granddaughters, and nine great grandchildren. Bronson started riding in 1977 on a KZ 400 Deluxe, then moved up to a KZ 750 LTD and then got hooked on a 1986 ZG-1200 Voyager. He now rides a 1700 Vulcan Voyager. Bronson recently bought a Kawasaki 650 4X4 and even has a zero-turn mower with a Kawasaki engine. "Can't kill em!"
      After the LaCross, WI Rally in 1997 a group from Michigan decided to start an AVA chapter and made Bronson president (because he wasn't there to decline!) and he's still president today. Bronson and Judy became AVA Board members in 2007 as Membership Directors.


Jim & Karol

Jim & Karol Moore



Jim started riding in 1976 on a Kawasaki F7 and also during this year he started working at a Kawasaki dealer in Ames, Iowa. He has owned many motorcycles all Kawasaki's, well, except for one, which was a Yamaha YZ250. In his younger days, he liked riding on the street and the dirt. But as he got older, the street won him over. In 2008, he purchased a 2003 Voyager 1200. He has ridden many long distance rides on this motorcycle. One of his long distance rides was certified as an Iron Butt, 1500 miles ridden in 24 hours, which when completed was actually over 1600 miles. He joined the AVA in 2008. The first rally attended was in 2009 in Santa Fe, NM. He joined the board as the Webmaster while attending the 2015 rally in Estes Park, Co.