Upon re-incorporation under the laws of the State of Florida, the American Voyager Association provides a restatement of its constitution:

1. The name of the organization shall be the American Voyager Association, Inc., and shall hereafter, in this document, be referred to as the AVA. The AVA name and logo are registered trademarks with the U.S. Patent Office.

1. The purpose of the AVA is to enlist into its membership owners and riders of the Kawasaki Voyager motorcycle. However, membership is open to anyone who upholds the intent and purpose of the organization, regardless of motorcycle make or model.

2. The AVA is an international organization.

3. The goals of the AVA as an international organization with regional, sectional, and state chapter-hoods include: the exchange of ideas and information; the promotion of cycling pleasure, recreation, and safety; the coordination of common motorcycle efforts; and the creation of camaraderie and friendship of all AVA members

4. It is also the purpose of the AVA and its members to offer assistance for the promotion of motorcycle safety through favorable local, state, national, and international legislation affecting the motorcycling population. The AVA will lend any assistance it deems appropriate.

5. There are two official sources of AVA information: 1) the Voyagers' Voice, the AVA's official publication; and 2) the AVA's website found at:

6. The AVA will continue to establish, promote, and enlarge the AVA membership internationally, nationally, and locally.

1. Full membership will be enjoyed by all members following the guidelines set forth in the national organization's bylaws regardless of make or model of motorcycle and without discrimination of any kind. Full membership requires only that a member support and uphold the goals, intentions, and purposes for which the AVA is created.

2. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, members of the AVA are "non-voting" members.

1. The officers of the AVA shall consist of a board of directors made up of no less than 5 members, or more than 25 members.

2. The Board of Directors shall elect from among themselves a board chairperson whose term of office shall be determined by the full board.

3. The AVA Board of Directors shall appoint any additional officers, directors, or committee persons.

4. Should an officer resign from the Board of Directors, the remaining members of the Board shall determine when and whom it is appropriate to elect as a new member.

All regional, sectional, state, and/or locally formed AVA chapter-hoods affiliated with the national AVA organization must abide by this constitution and by-law statements.

Amendments to this AVA Constitution and/or bylaws may be made by a vote ratification of a majority of the members of the board of directors.

1. Robert's Rules of Order will apply in all meetings of the AVA and its affiliated chapterhoods when deemed necessary for the efficient and appropriate operation of a meeting. It is recognized by the national organization that some chapters prefer to hold meetings in a less formal manner. This is acceptable practice unless there is evidence which point to the need for more strict regulation of said meetings.

2. Special rules may be put into motion at any meeting of the AVA Board of Directors and governing bodies of affiliated chapter-hoods.


1. Membership may be obtained by submitting a written application to the AVA. The payment of annual dues will be an integral requirement of AVA membership. The amount of the annual dues required of a member will be determined by the AVA Board of Directors and provides the member with the privilege of membership, receipt of six (6) issues of the AVA's official magazine annually, access to AVA-supported functions (e.g., rallies), and receipt of an annual AVA membership roster. The Board of Directors will determine any other privileges of membership.

2. All members of the AVA agree to support and uphold the goals, purposes, and intentions of the AVA stated in Article 2 above. A member can become ineligible for membership if he or she fails to follow these guidelines.

3. As required by law, all members will be notified in writing 15 days prior to membership expiration or expulsion. A "reminder postcard" will suffice as written notice for possible expiration of membership due to non-payment of dues. Any member, who has not renewed membership within 30 days of the expiration date, will lose membership privileges and will be required to submit a new application accompanied by payment of membership dues.

4. The AVA shall not discriminate against any person by color, race, religion or creed, or make or model of motorcycle owned, as a qualifier for membership.

1. The AVA reserves the right to approve the establishment of regional, sectional, state, and/or local chapter-hoods.

2. Chapter-hoods will be formed on the basis of qualifying information presented by AVA members desirous of forming a chapter-hood.

3. Chapters shall endeavor to work in tandem with the American Voyager Association.

4. The Board of Directors of the AVA will determine an affiliation membership fee.

1. Officers and the Board of Directors of the AVA shall not receive or grant special favors or solicit personal gifts for the performance of AVA business matters. The AVA name, emblems, and its affairs may not be used for personal gain or profit. Any violation will require the resignation of the board member or officer.

2. The current board of directors will determine the term of office of any board member or officer.

3. The Board of Directors shall oversee the rules of the AVA organization(s).

4. The AVA Board of Directors may organize committees.

5. The AVA Board of Directors shall select a secretary/treasurer.

6. The chapter, independent of the AVA, but following all standards, intentions, purposes, goals, will determine the governing process of all affiliated AVA chapters and guidelines set forth by the AVA.

7. The officers of the AVA shall consist of a board of directors.

8. The board of directors shall consist of no less than 5 and no more than 25 members in number.

9. The Board of Directors shall elect from among itself a board chairperson. The term of the chairperson shall be determined by the full board.

10. The AVA board of directors shall appoint any additional officers, directors, or committee persons.

11. Should an officer/director resign from the Board, the members of the board of directors shall determine when it is appropriate to elect a new member to the board and shall, by majority vote, determine such new board member.

The AVA Board of Directors and any officer of the national organization shall be compensated for expenditures incurred while executing the duties and business of the AVA. A receipt must be presented to the treasurer.

An AVA member may submit suggestions to the Board of Directors for consideration. The Board of Directors will examine the proposal and determine the action.

1. The AVA will operate as a not-for-profit organization under the rules and regulations of the IRS and under the laws of the State of Florida.
2. The AVA shall move its corporate headquarters to Pembroke Pines, Florida and will be incorporated in the State of Florida effective August, 2013.
3. The words "Kawasaki" and "Kawasaki Voyager" are registered trademarks and may only be reprinted with permission of Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA.
4. The American Voyager Association is not affiliated with Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA, or any other branch of Kawasaki Corporation International