If you are interested in finding a chapter(s) in your home state, country, or region and enjoying the company of fellow riders or just learning more about them, check out the list below. Website and/or email addresses are listed for those chapters that have a web site or E-mail. Click on these to visit their home pages or send them an E-mail to find out more about them. If you are interested in starting a new chapter, click here! If you would like information on how to grow your Chapter click here! If you are a recognized chapter at this time and the information below about contacting your chapter (web site, Email, or otherwise) is incorrect or missing contact the Webmaster.

California Canada

NorCal Voyagers

NorCal Voyagers
President: Don Medina (415-269-7998)
Website: norcalvoyagers.org
Email: bluemedina@sbcglobal.net

CanAm Voyagers

Can-Am Voyagers
President: Frank Beynon
(705) 687-0609
Website: canamvoyagers.com
Email: beynon258@hotmail.com

Florida Illinois

Sunshine Voyagers

Sunshine State Voyagers
President: Tim McClellan (904-728-2205)
Vice President: George Borcherding (904-704-6933)
Website: None
Email: fbtjax@gmail.com

Illinois Prairie Voyagers

Illinois Prairie Voyagers
President: Michael Liphart (815-541-9419)
Website: ipvmc.net
Email: mjl6852@hotmail.com

Indiana Iowa

Indiana Voyagers

Indiana Voyagers Association
President: Barrett Cheatham, Jr.
Website: indianavoyager.com
Email: president@indianavoyager.com

Iowa Hartland Voyagers

Iowa Heartland Voyagers
President: Jim Moore (515-230-1988)
Website: None
Email: heartlandvoyagers@gmail.com

Massachusetts Michigan

Bay State Voyagers

Bay State Voyagers
President: Wayne Townsend, (508-587-3965)
Website: baystatevoyagers.com
Email: wdtowns@comcast.net

Great Lakes Voyagers

Michigan Great Lakes Voyagers
President: Bronson Barth (810-664-7239)
Website: None
Email: redkaw9@sbcglobal.net

Minnesota Missouri-Kansas

Minnesota Voyagers

Minnesota Voyagers
President: John Maier (763-757-8907)
Website: None
Email: john.maier@medtronic.com

Mo-Kan Voyagers

Mo-Kan Voyagers
President: Rick Breit (816-914-9243)
Website: None
Email: rrbreit@yahoo.com

South Carolina Texas

Palmetto Voyagers

Palmetto Voyagers
President: Doris Falvey (828-515-0193)
Website: None
Email: drfalvey@att.net

Lone Star Voyagers

Lone Star Voyagers
President: David Lawson
Vice President: Larry Lawson
Website: lonestarvoyagers.org
Email: lawson-david@att.net

Wisconsin Mid Atlantic

Wisconsin Voyagers

Wisconsin Badgerland Voyagers
President: Paul Stull
Website: badgerlandvoyagers
Email: misft@chorus.net

Mid Atlantic Voyagers

Mid Atlantic Voyagers
President: Kevin Wanner
Vice President: Gene Kapuscinski
Website: Mid Atlantic Voyagers
Email: kew427@verizon.net

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