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Welcome to the AVA Download page. You are encouraged to download any of the appropriate items that you can use. Other items may be added in the future. The title of the download will be noted below with a brief description of what it is, or how you may use it. All items open in a new window (except AVA Member Business Cards located in AVA Members Group Forum), so just exit to return here after the download.

Most items will require you have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader though it does not have to be Adobe. If you don't have a PDF reader on your computer, you can get one free from one of the following. (Note - these are not the only free PDF readers available but rank high in user reviews.)

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AVA Posters:
All posters are in pdf format and will print in color as displayed unless you set your printer options to print in grayscale.

General AVA Poster (pdf format)- This poster could be used as a general informational poster about the AVA, what it is, and how to find out more about it. This would be good to use in your local dealership(s) and other motorcycle establishments to let everyone know about the AVA and it's many benefits and enjoyment possibilities for Voyager riders.

Affiliated Chapter Poster (pdf format)- The Affiliated Chapter Poster is for AVA Chapters to use when posting information about meetings, rides, chapter barbeques, picnics, or any other chapter activity that the chapter would like to invite those interested to.

New AVA Chapter Forming Poster (pdf format)- This poster is for those contemplating starting their own AVA Affiliated Chapter and need a poster for displaying wherever prospective members may be found.

AVA Cards:
Cards are in pdf format and will print in color as displayed unless you set your printer options to print in grayscale.

AVA Friendship Cards (pdf format)- These business card sized cards can be used for various situations. Use them to give your name and email address to someone, place one on any Voyager you may see in your travels to introduce yourself, or let them be aware of the AVA, plus any that you can think of. Should print 10 (3½" x 2") cards per sheet on standard  laser cut business card stock on most printers. Print out, then write in information.

AVA Member Business Cards (available only in AVA Members Group Forum): These online fillable AVA Member Business cards can then be printed on most business card stock. This eliminates filling them in by hand and makes them much easier to read and more professional looking to distribute as you see fit. Go to the AVA Members Group Forum (you must be a current AVA member and registered in that group), and click on the sticky topic with "AVA Member Business Cards Download" as the title. Read the topic and follow the directions to fill in and print your cards.

Motorcycle Wallpaper:

To install any of the Voyager wallpaper below to your computer,  do the following (windows operating systems):
  1. If you don't know the pixel size setting of your monitor (screen) check on pixel setting of your monitor. 
  2. After you know the pixel setting size of your monitor (screen), click on the appropriate size you need under the image of the wallpaper you would like. Choose the next smaller size than your monitor pixel setting if you don't want the image to completely fill your screen, or enlarge your screen pixel setting.
  3. After the image is completely downloaded (may take a few minutes), click on any part of it with your RIGHT mouse button, then select <Set as Background>, then close the window in which the wallpaper was displayed. Your new Voyager wallpaper should now be on your desktop, you may have to RIGHT click on the desktop and then Left click on <Refresh> if you don't see your Voyager Wallpaper.

2009 Voyager 1700
2014 Voyager 1700
2003 Voyager XII
Picture by Lori Norris
1986 Voyager 1300
2003 Voyager XII Ad
Voyaging in the Badlands
800x600 (698kb)
1024x768 (1098kb)