The Dollar4Dollar section of the AVA website will list alternate parts and accessories one may want to use instead of OEM parts either because of price concerns, or their unavailability.

This section will list various parts or accessories available, and if possible, at an approximate price range. If you know of any parts, accessories, alternatives, etc. available for Kawasaki Voyagers, E-MAIL Us and they will be considered for listing here. All listed prices are approximate and was in effect at the time of listing. The success of this page depends on participation from all fellow Voyager 1200, 1300 & 1700 riders, send in your suggestions today! Thanks!

Note: The use of non-OEM parts may or may not void manufactures warranty, use of these suggestions is at the user's discretion and responsibility. These suggestions are sent in by Riders like you, double check to make sure these alternate parts or accessories will indeed work for your bike.

Alternate Parts and Accessories for the Kawasaki Voyager XII & 1300, and Other Brands.

  OEM Parts Replacement Table (Kawasaki Voyagers) (Click Here)

Voyager Parts and Accessories, New and Used, discount prices- Contact Carl Leo

Note that chrome accessories (and most any other accessories) produced for the Voyager(s) from Kawasaki (made by Markland) are no longer available by order (new) from Kawasaki. Purchase of these items available now only from left over stock in dealers, used, or occasionally available on E-Bay.

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NOTE:Please always check CURRENT pricing on all products listed herein.  Stated prices may be outdated.


To find even more air filters use 1990 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z as application for search terms for an internet search. This search will bring back all compatible filters (after trimming the 1/8" off). (Thanks David Harrison (Silver Bullet) for this info).

STP - For Info on how to use an STP air filter and adapt it for Voyager XII use, click here for this article (then click Back Button to return here), or go to the AVA Tech Center pages for this and more Voyager tips. Thanks to Bill Bunn for this info! Listed 1/1/04

Fram - The Fram Extra Life III Air Filter #CA3915 ($7.99 on Amazon and $8.49 at Autozone - 6/20/2014.) is a great filter for  the Voyager XII. You can use the white plastic from the Kawasaki Filter - Trim the sides on the Fram Filter and it slides right in. Thanks to Scooter Housey for this info! Listed 5/22/04.

Purolator - # 24339 ($6.59 (list $8.59) at Advance Auto Parts - 6/20/2014.) I had to trim one of the sides, similar to the Fram listing and slid it into the white frame. Any obvious gaps were sealed with black RTV sealant. One source is Pep Boys, cost as of 3/13/07 is just under $8.00. Thanks to Gilbert (Tinker4) for this info!

K&N - P/N #33-2008, trim two adjacent sides 1/8" same as the other filters and then seal into a gutted stock plastic frame. I suggest using Permatex Ultra Black silicone to seal as it's oil resistant (for periodic clean & re-oil). Pricer than the disposable paper filters but the last filter you'll ever buy and more eco friendly. $47.99 at Amazon and O'Reilly Auto Parts (6/20/2014.)


K&N KA-1709 $62.99 at Autozone, $67.34 at Dennis Kirk (6/20/2014.)
Thanks to Don Medina for this info!

ALTERNATOR REBUILD/EXCHANGE - Voyager 1200, 1300, 1700

Motorcycle Alternator Repair Service: Ken Heming in Merrillville, IL rebuilds motorcycle alternators. He also generally has replacements in stock for all Voyagers. For current information, visit his website or email him at
Thanks to Larry Peterson for this info.

ALTERNATOR UPGRADES  (OEM Replacements in OEM Parts Replacement Table below)

Keep in mind when going to a larger amp alternator that these produce their output at higher rpm's. Some larger amp alternators don't put out until 2500 rpm's, ore even higher! If you do a lot of city riding and very little highway riding, you may drain your battery rather than charge it!

REWIND UPGRADE (1200) (from stock 35 amp to 55 amp output)- Morton Grove Auto Electric, Il  (Phone # (847)-394-1698) has gained a good reputation for upgrading stock Voyager XII alternators to produce 55 amp output. Check current pricing, and it takes about two or three weeks after receipt of your stock alternator. Please tell them you were referred from the American Voyager Association website.

REWIND UPGRADE (1200) (from stock 35 amp to 55 amp output)- A&M Alternator Service, 2419 E. Jackson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034, (602) 267-0891. The owner is Manuel Olivas.Price as of 3/15/2007 was $100 plus tax and shipping.
Thanks to Dennis Lawrence for this info.


Note: if using a sealed battery, the low water sensor (connected to your lead acid battery) should be connected to the positive terminal of the battery, otherwise the "Battery" dash light will be continuously lit. Unlike a car battery idiot-light, the battery light on the Voyager does not monitor the charge level of the battery, but rather the water level.

Lead Acid Battery - C50-N18L-A3 or X50-N18L-A3. Generally around $50 as of June, 2014. A variety available as this size is used in snowmobiles, jet skis, ATV's etc.

Yuasa - YTX24HL-BS - Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) maintenance free. About $130 - $140 (June 2014) though sometimes on sale for $115.

Westco - 12v22 AGM sealed, maintenance free. About $115 as of June, 2014.

Duracell Ultra - DURAGM-18L-US. USA Made AGM Battery. About $115 - $130 As of June, 2014. Available from Batteries Plus.

Permaseal - XTAX24HL-BS Xtreme AGM Battery. About $100 from Batteries Plus as of June, 2014.

Bike Master - BTX24HL Maintenance Free Battery. $103 from JC Whitney, June, 2014.

ThrottleX - Conventional and AGM batteries. AGM battery is made in the USA, about $100 with free shipping. (August 2014) 10% discount using promo code "AVA" at checkout. ThrottleX website. (Thanks to Dan MacIsaac)


Odyssey - PC680, cost is about $130. Thanks to Brian Keatts for this information. Listed 10/18/06.

Panasonic - LC-X1228P

PowerSonic - PTX20LBS

SVR - 12VX30L

WestCo - 12V30 (info courtesy of Jim Cooper)

Wal-Mart - EverStart ES-50-N18L-A2  As of 4/5/09, $45.00 you will need to take the low water sensor off of your old battery to make this work. Info courtesy of Dr. David Probst.

ThrottleX - Conventional and AGM batteries. AGM battery is made in the USA, about $88 with free shipping. (August 2014) 10% discount using promo code "AVA" at checkout. ThrottleX website. (Thanks to Dan MacIsaac)


Yuasa - YUAM6220C/YTX20CH-BS AGM maintenance free battery. About $90 with free shipping from Amazon as of June, 2014.

WPS - YTX20CH-BS CTX20CH-BS Sealed Battery. $57 from Powersport Super Store.

Moose Racing - YTX20CH-BS MTX20CH-BS AGM Maintenance-Free Battery. $100 at Amazon as of June, 2014.

Bike Master - BTX16-BS Maintenance Free Battery. $63 from Motorcycle Superstore as of June, 2014.

Permaseal - XTAX16-BS Xtreme AGM Battery 230CCA $90, XTAX20CH-BS Xtreme 270CCA $105 at Batteries Plus, June, 2014. Available in-store only.

ThrottleX - AGM batteries, about $70 (230 CCA) and $80 (270 CCA) with free shipping. (August 2014) 10% discount using promo code "AVA" at checkout. ThrottleX website. (Thanks to Dan MacIsaac)

BRAKE LINES STAINLESS STEEL (1200 & 1700 VOYAGER. Sorry, not available for the 1300.)

NorCal Voyagers, Guaranteed against leakage, material defects, and workmanship for one year from date of purchase.
(Prices as of 10/2014. Add $5.50 for shipping.)

Brake Lines per set:
    Set of 3 for ZG-1200 - Front brake plus 11 washers and 4 banjo bolts, $155
    Set of 4 for ZG-1200 - Front & rear brake plus 15 washers and 6 banjo bolts $185
    Set of 5 for ZG-1200 - Front & rear brake, clutch, plus 19 washers and 8 banjo bolts $210

Packet of Crush washers (25 EA.), $5.00 Shipping Charges are $7 (USA)

Colors Available: clear, black, white, blue, red, green, orange, smoke, yellow, platinum.

To order, send Cashiers Checks, or Money Orders to:
    Wayne Bright
    2149 Gibson Ave
    Clovis, CA 93611

Now available for the 1700! For more information and ordering instructions, contact Don Medina via email at:

BRAKE ROTOR TURNING - Voyager 1200, 1300, 1700

TrueDisk Motorcycle Brake Rotor Resurfacing - Before you spend big bucks to replace your rotors, consider having them resurfaced. TrueDisk will resurface your rotors for $45 plus return shipping (as of October 2014.) Visit their website here.


Although you probably won't find (with Air Rider the exception), a CB set-up as convenient and integrated as the once optional Kawasaki Clarion model (for the 1200), you can find some for much less, keep in mind that most of the alternative CBs will not have all the features (if any) of the OEM models, for example, auto override of radio, and others, and you will probably have to use a hand held mike to transmit (pain in the neck while you are riding), you will also have to figure out how to get the CB hooked up to your helmet headsets if you don't want to strain to make out what somebody is saying using just the normal outside speakers of the CB itself. But just the same, here's some suggestions:

Note: The alternatives previously listed here are not longer available. If you've installed an alternative CB radio on your Voyager (1200, 1300, or 1700) email the info to and I will post it here.


So if you are looking for a after market CB antenna, thanks to AVA member Bill O, he has provided a link for a replacement one Visit their website here.

DASH MATS - Voyager 1200, 1300, GoldWing, Others

Knightwolff,  Custom dash mats in a variety of colors available for Kawasaki Voyager 1200 and 1300, Honda GoldWing and possibly others. Attached by velcro fasteners to your dash.  Priced at $21.50- Free Shipping (price as of October 2006)For a complete list of available bikes, colors, and options available, email to Mr. Tracy Pastiva by Clicking Here


Dupli-Color engine enamel, Aluminum (paint code) DE1615 - Comes in a spray can. Can be found at Auto Zone and other parts stores. Begin with cleaning the engine with soap and water, degreaser if needed. Or if battery acid spill, clean with baking soda and water to neutralize the acid, then clean with soap and water. Next light sand with a medium grit paper on affected areas or wire brush on rusted bolt heads. Clean any excess dust or dirt from area. I use a utility paint brush, I spray the paint on the bristles, then dab and brush to affected area, use thin coats, some areas may need two coats. Thanks to Dave Wirtz for this info!


Tridon electronic flasher EP-34 - can replace the OEM unit for the Voyager XII and the 1000 Concours. It will work with both standard and LED bulbs. You will have to fabricate a holder for it though because it doesn't have the tab for the rubber hanger. I used piece of foam water pipe insulation and a large zip tie to secure mine.  - David Slike -


Although Markland made chrome covers for the Voyager XII at one time, they have been discontinued. If you cannot find any from the classified ads or otherwise, you can use the floorboard covers off a Kawasaki Nomad part numbers: 14090-1907 (left side) 14090-1908 (right side).


Vern Peeler, Neoprene fork tube protectors, neoprene will not deteriorate from fork oil. Easy fastening with hook an loop. For more information contact Vern Peeler at


John Deere - Part #AM116304, Fits '86-'03 ZG1200 Voyagers. About $5-$6 in 2013. It fit very well.

NAPA - Part #3001, About $4 as of 6/20/2014, fits '86-'03 ZG1200 Voyagers. Does not come with hose clamps. This filter contains a paper element for finer filtration. You may also have to use smaller hose clamps or screw type hose clamps to clamp on the slightly smaller inlet and outlet tubes of the filter.

FRAM - Part #G2, $3-$4 as of 6/20/2014 (available at Wal-Mart and others), fits '86-'03 ZG1200 Voyagers. It is identical to NAPA filter except it has larger hose barb nipples at both ends, same size as stock filter. Now you don't have to change to smaller hose clamps and pinch the fuel hose down. However, the diameter of filter body is too large for stock mount so you would have to use a couple of cable ties to secure it. (Thanks David Harrison (Silver Bullet) for this info).


Kuryakyn part # 6180 - Specified for Honda Goldwings, but will fit with some modifications to the Voyager XII's, they are 6 1/4" long, the left grip requires no mods to work install as instructions state. The right side grip throttle side does require some mods, to get the correct spacing between the grip and the controls, if you don't want to use a foam spacer. $69.99 as of 12/28/08. Website:  Tell them the AVA sent you!


General Electric Halogen - #9003 (HB2), Appx. $11.00, available at auto parts stores or any other outlet that handles this brand of bulbs. This is a 12 volt, 60/55 watt bulb.

J.C.Whitney - Part #07EL6059T 100/80 (high/low beam) halogen headlight bulb, available in the bright "diamond blue" type.

NAPA - STK No. BP1210/H4, Appx. $12.00,  its a H4 motorcycle 100/80watt bulb.


Cee Bailey's Aircraft Plastics, This clear plastic Aircraft Grade Headlight Guard fits over your headlight to protect the assembly from expensive breakage. Visit their website here.


Toyota - part #41-5002 is the same 12V22A relay used on the Voyager. Should be able to get them at any auto parts store. The Voyager relay is $30 the Toyota relay is $12 (as of 5/16/05) it's the same plug size and all, fits right in. Thanks to Dragon from for this info!


Heel & Toe Shifter Cut from 1/4" 6011 Aluminum Does Not change current RIDER foot position. You must drill 2 holes in your existing Shift lever, can be drilled on or off Bike. Available Pictures on eBay. Buy for $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping in Motorcycle parts for sale just SEARCH Voyager ZG1200 Heel & Toe shifter. Contact:


Marvellas - Hitches, Tail Lights, and Cooler/Luggage Racks for the Voyager XII and 1700. Marv and Ella had a fire on the 9th of March 2012 and lost everything. They sold their business to a local fellow who they know very well and he is doing business as they did and carries the same products. Visit their website (here.)

Hitchdoc - Has hitches for the Voyager 1200, 1300, and 1700. For more Information, check out their website (here.) Thanks to David and Linda Slike for this info!


Fiamm Freeway blasters - Available from Advance Auto and other Auto stores. Lo and hi tones for $15 each(2007). Each horn is 138db and will work for a direct replacement for the OEMs. However, some do (and is recommended) install a relay to power them, the horn button activates the relay.

<Rivco Air Horns Part #AHVOY - About 128DB, about 4 times louder than stock. Triple Chrome Plated Air Horns for Kawasaki Voyagers. $169.95 as of 1/8/06. Rivco website:  Tell them the AVA sent you!

Key Blanks (Voyager 1200)

Ilco X103 also listed as KA14 - Available at most hardware stores with Key cutters, and locksmiths. Thanks to Bill Overton for this info.

LED Replacement Bulbs - Get the 1157 in 'RED'. Do not use the white ones with a red lens. White ones tend to cancel out the red color lens. These bulbs not only direct light straight out the lens, they also shoot to the sides. This helps to reflect light off the insides of the housing. They use very little power and DO NOT GET HOT. These are excellent bulbs for the Voyager rear fender light. Thanks Fritz for this info!


Fram #CH6012 - $6.99 (as of 07/2013) O'Reilley's Auto Parts, some Wal-Marts, other - includes required o-rings

NAPA PS-4941 - Approximately $7.00 (as of 10/2010), NAPA auto stores, includes required o-rings.

JC Whitney - $3.99 (as of 10/2010) (Emgo-without O rings) 

Wix #24941 - About $6 as of 06/2014.

K&N #KN401 - $9.99 at Cycle Gear, 06/2014 - includes required o-rings

Purolator #ML16812 - cost about $7-$8 (as of 6/2014) and includes both o rings (large and small).

OIL FILTERS (Voyager 1300)

Fram - CH 6013

K&N- KN126

NAPA - PS4942 - cost as of Feb. 2009 - $5.89.

WIX - 24942 - (info courtesy of Jim Cooper)

OIL FILTERS (Voyager 1700)  (Thanks to Don Medina)

Fram PH6017A

Parts Unlimited 010035x

Emgo Chrome 108220

Amsoil EaOM103

Amsoil Chrome EaOM103C

K&N KN-303

K&N Chrome KN-303


Vern Peeler - Independent Dealer, Roseburg, OR,  Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oils. For more information see Vern's website, or email him at:

Parts Source - Voyager XII, 1300, 1700

Kawasaki Parts Nation - If you can't find it elsewhere, try here.

SEATS/SADDLES (CUSTOM-Voyager 1200 AND 1300)

Corbin - One piece seats. 1200 and 1700 replacement seats available, will have to inquire about 1300's. Corbin website.

Diamond Seats - One piece seats available in vinyl, velour, leather. 1200 replacement seats available, will have to inquire about 1300's. Diamond Seats website.

Hartco Motorcycle Seats - Among other seats, also makes replacement seats for Voyagers, one piece. Hartco Voyager Page

Bill Mayer's Seats - Bill Mayer's Website.

Russell Day-Long Seats - Available for 1200 and 1300 Voyagers (inquire for 1300 Voyager applications and info), 1200 Day-Long seats available in vinyl, velour (inserts), and leather. Different colors and stitch patterns with built-in suspension, available with optional heat. 1200 seats use your present (or spare) seat bases (and passenger backrest to recover if desired) thereby preserving stock adjustability. Russell Seats website.  800-432-9566.

Travelcade Seats - Road Sofa touring seats with gel inserts and available with optional heat. Different color seats available in vinyl, velour (inserts), and leather. Features use of new seat bases (provided by Travelcade). Travelcade website.

SPARK PLUGS (Voyager 1200)

Note: Most find that the Platinum or Iridium plugs give the best and longest service.

NGK, Stock - DPR8EA-9, Platinum - DPR8EVX-9, NAPA Stock # 2872, recommended gap- .035 inches, Iridium- DPR8EIX-9, NAPA Stock # 2202, or, DPR9EIX-9, prices seem to range from about $6 to $9 dollars each.

DENSO, Stock - X24EPR-U9, Iridium- IX24B.

AUTOLITE, Stock - 4163, Platinum - MP4163.

ACCEL, Stock - 0882.

CHAMPION, Stock - RA6HC, Alternate Premium- 8809.



SPLITFIRE, Stock - SF-416C, Platinum - TP-416C.

BOSH XR5DC This is a resistor plug (as it should be) with a hardened silver electrode. Taking them out of the box, you must gap them to Kawasaki specifications. You may have to order this plug through a foreign car parts store that carries the full line or has access to the BOSH motorcycle line of plugs.- Thanks to Scott Borderud for this info!

SPARK PLUGS (Voyager 1300)

Autolite - 4265

Bosch - 4479

Splitfire #SF426E or TP6E (info courtesy of Jim Cooper)

SPARK PLUGS (GoldWing 1500)

NGK DPR7EIX-9- This is the newest Iridium Spark plug which gives the longest life, and great performance. Available at many Auto Stores or at  Advance Auto Parts. Advance Auto Parts part number is #7803. Thanks to Lori Norris for this info!

SUSPENSION (1200 & 1300)

Progressive Shocks (Rear),  - 412-4213C (standard duty) or 412-4221C (heavy duty.)  (According to Dennis Kirk, GW1200 and Voyager XII take the same Progressive part number.)

Progressive Front Fork Springs, Progressive Part No. 11-1102 (for '87 thru '03 Voyager XII's and '83 thru '87 Voyager 1300's. For 1986 Voyager XII's use Progressive Part No. 11-1122). Confirm these part numbers for your particular application and order from your dealer or favorite accessories store.


Plano Model 3360 Available at Wal-Mart, possibly others. This is actually a tackle box (soft sided) and should be found in the fishing accessories department. Comes with 4 plastic tackle box organizers which can be removed to use as travel pack, contains 3 zippered pockets plus main storage area, fits very nicely on trip trunk luggage rack and will not put undue pressure on rear speakers unless side pockets are overstuffed. Must secure with tie-downs- none included.


Clearview Shield, Stock and over-sizes, Voyager 1700 shields available.  Contact Clearview at, 800-798-6089, or, visit their website.

JC Whitney 07LDO495N, (1200). JC Whitney 07LDO498R, (1300)

Precision Plastics, 20% oversized from stock OEM's. Visit their website.

Slipstreamer (standard Voyager XII replacement) Available at your dealers, and others.

Ceebailey's, Voyager windshields, including vents.  They also have many different heights & widths & 3 colors of tinting as well. Visit their website here. Thanks to Todd Mayer for this information.


Located below are some miscellaneous accessories for your
Voyager XII and possibly 1300 that are in addition or as a replacement to those offered by Kawasaki:

M&R Cooler Holders, Cooler Buddy beverage cooler (254) 774-8040, FAX (254) 554-7553, beverage cooler that fits over a Markland hitch.

Saddle Bag Skirts, Voyager XII accessory for applying to bottom of saddlebags to dress them up, for further info contact Ron Stouffer at his E-MAIL

Voyager XII Shifter & Driving Light Bar - Shifter for VXII. Also have a steel bar that would go between front tip over bars to strengthen and provide location for driving lights, black painted finish. For more information, contact Allen Boethel (The Hippi)


Here are some items or substitute items that you can use for chrome accessories on the Voyagers.

Chrome Master Cylinder Covers- Chrome covers off a Kawasaki Meanstreak Cruiser can be used to replace stock black ones on the Voyager XII.


Although most parts are still readily available at dealers (1200 mostly, 1300 more rare to difficult - most by order), here are some listings of OEM Parts for the Voyager 1200 and 1300 and alternates in case of non-availability. Find the part number you need here, then see if there is a match below and what you need to get and where. Alternate parts are usually appreciably less than OEM parts. Got a suggestion? E-mail the Webmaster

1200 Voyager

Alternate parts numbers and descriptions are to the best of the submitting parties information. Applicability to particular model is believed accurate but not guaranteed by the submitting parties or the AVA. "Available at:" vendors are for your information, otherwise no guarantees to quality or availability.

Kawasaki Part# Description Alternate#/Description Available At: Appx. Cost
21001-1121 (newest- all years)
21001-1083 (superseded 1068)
21001-1068 (original)
Generator Mitsubishi A7T20199
Nations Starter & Alternator $389.95 plus $19.99 S&H
(price as of 10/26/08)
Generator  Mitsubishi A7T20199
Item #120319437510
Generator/Alternator (not listed on their website)
1-866-695-0363 (Can order by phone). This part may no longer be available, call to inquire.
$299.95 plus shipping (price as of 10/30/08)
Hose-cooling, Radiator-pipe (1200)
Hose-cooling, pipe-pipe (1200)
Advance Auto Item# 5198798, Dayco Part# B71260
Cut the one hose to make both OEM's
Advance Auto Parts $9.99 (as of 11/2010)
makes 2 hoses
Auto Zones- use Dayco part # to reference.
39062-1153 Hose Cooling, By-Pass (1200) 10076 Heater Hose- will need to cut to fit. NAPA Auto Stores $9.49 (as of 3/06)

Radiator cap to thermostat housing
Radiator top to
thermostat housing

Item # 5198763, Part # B71293 Advance Auto Parts $7.18 (as of 5/9/07)
43082-1030 superseded by: 43082-1029 Rear Brake Pads (set) EBC Rear Brake Pads PUFA85HH (sintered, high friction) Most Motorcycle shops $34.95 per set (as of 6/12/07)
49019-1055    Voyager XII Fuel Filter #AM116304- John Deere Part John Deere Stores much less than OEM
Front Wheel bearing (ungreased) 6302-2RS (permanently sealed and greased) Most Auto Stores or direct from Erie Bearing at:

Direct toll free #: (866)322-8013

($20 Min. credit card orders)

Thanks to David & Linda Slike!

Rear Wheel bearing 6304-RS (permanently sealed and greased) Most Auto Stores or direct from Erie Bearing at:

Direct toll free #: (866)322-8013

($20 Min. credit card orders)

Thanks to David & Linda Slike!
92055-1350 Metric O-Ring, 18.54 x 2.6 Metric O-Ring, 18.54 x 2.6 Better Auto Parts Stores .48 (as of 3/06)
92065-097 Oil drain plug aluminum washer ½"/M12 (65290) "Oil Tight" by Dorman Advance Auto Parts or Others (pack of two) $1.98 at Advance Auto as of 11/10/07, may be less at Kaw dealer, but if unavailable, this is alternative.
Hose Clamps (various) Hose Clamps (various) Hose Clamps (various) Any Auto supply store Varies dependent on size
1300 Voyager

Alternate parts numbers and descriptions are to the best of the submitting parties information. Applicability to particular model is believed accurate but not guaranteed by the submitting parties or the AVA. "Available at:" vendors are for your information, otherwise no guarantees to quality or availability.

Parts Diagrams for Voyager 1300 are now on

Kawasaki Part# Description Alternate#/Description Available At: Appx. Cost
12049-1055 (A1-A2 Models)
12049-1052 (A3-A4 Models)
OEM Cam Chain Tensioner One from the Kawasaki ZX-1100, looks different but will fit. Kawasaki Dealer  
27002-1051, 27002-1051, 27034-1006 (A5-A6 Models) 20 Amp Relay Assys. for Horn, Air Compressor & Starter motor NAPA #AR355 or GP Sorensen #41-5002 NAPA  and other Auto Stores $12.00 each  (as of  7/2007)
Thanks John Kirchhoff!
27034-1007 Turn Signal Flasher Unit (1300) NAPA Part#1466BA/EP-34 NAPA Auto Stores $12.00 (as of 8/06)
39062-1019 Top Radiator Hose 1-3/8" Armormark or Gates #21752, can use for both top and bottom hoses by cutting. Most Auto Parts Stores About $10.00 (as of 7/2007)
Thanks John Kirchhoff !
6303 (bearing #) Front Wheel bearing (unsealed and ungreased) 6303-2RS (sealed and greased) Most Auto Stores or direct from Erie Bearing at:

Direct toll free #: (866)322-8013

($20 Min. credit card orders)

Thanks to David & Linda Slike!
6304ZZ (bearing #) Rear Wheel bearing (pre-greased with metal shields) 6304-2RS (sealed) Most Auto Stores or direct from Erie Bearing at:

Direct toll free #: (866)322-8013

($20 Min. credit card orders)

Thanks to David & Linda Slike!
92055-1032 40mm X 2.5mm O ring that goes between water pump outlet and water pump body. 40mm X 2.5mm O ring ACE Hardware Stores in the plumbing section. $1.00 (as of 7/2007)
Thanks John Kirchhoff!
92055-1033 O ring that seals the water pump body to the engine block O ring that seals the water pump body to the engine block. White Tractor Part# WHT-70925968 AGCO farm equipment dealers About $4.00 (as of 7/2007)
Thanks John Kirchhoff!
Wanted: Alternate Part information for Voyager 1300's, Email to: AVA Webmaster